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In the municipality of Utrera (Seville) there is El Palmar de Troya with a surface area of 25 hectares, located in the central area of the municipality, between the streams Salado de Morón and Pájaras, on the left bank of the A-364 ËCIJA-Jerez de la Frontera road (former N-333 ËCIJA-Jerez) at kilometres 89-90 and 14 kilometres from Utrera, in the area where the Campiña de Utrera meets the marshlands, defined by the coordinates 37º03’50” north latitude 5º48’10” west latitude.

It is the second most important settlement in the municipality of Utrera. The settlement is located at the crossroads of the Cañada Real from Ventas Larga and Torre Alocaz to Seville (A-364 Écija-Jerez road), the Cañada Real from Utrera to Villamartín, where the El Palmar de Troya rest area is located, the SE-9014 road from El Palmar de Troya to Guadalema de los Quintero, and the SE-9015 road from El Palmar de Troya to the Torre del Águila reservoir, to El Rubio and to La Encinilla.

Visitin Palmar de Troya

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