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Cortijo del Palmar de Troya, our roots and history

Cortijo del Palmar de Troya, our roots and history


El Cortijo de Troya is located on the top of a hill approximately 1.5 kilometers east of the town of El Palmar de Troya, province of Seville, near the road between El Palmar de Troya and the Torre del Águila Reservoir. .


From his position there is visual contact with the population of El Palmar de Troya, to the west; with the Salado stream and the Torre de la Ventosilla hill, to the north; and with the hill of the tower of the Eagle, to the east.


It is a construction for agricultural purposes and an open riding arena, currently in full use. Among the various buildings that make up the hacienda, the access portal to the main enclosure stands out, presided over by a heraldic shield. In the northeast corner of its main enclosure is the Torre de Troya, which was part of the defensive watchtowers built in the 14th century that formed the lookout and defense network of the Moorish Band.


The Spanish Historical Heritage is protected by Law 16/1985, of June 25, on the Spanish Historical Heritage (B.O.E. no. 155, of June 29, 1985).
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