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Tourist Enclave and Support to the Hospitality Sector

Tourist Enclave and Support to the Hospitality Sector

The president of the Seville Provincial Council, Fernando Rodríguez Villalobos, and the mayor of El Palmar de Troya, Juan Carlos González García, held a meeting in which they reviewed the projects that the City Council of this town will undertake with the Plan Contigo, which has an allocation of €958,552 and which could be increased by around €300,000, as Villalobos has announced.

El Palmar de Troya as a tourist enclave

The mayor has expressed that this Plan has come to us like rain from heaven because it will allow a town that was born practically three years ago, to give visibility to El Palmar as a tourist enclave.

Now, with the investments we will make the town visible and for this we have Avenida de Utrera, where all our hospitality industry congregates, a sector that we will support with €30,000 in direct aid. We will condition this space, with regulations and accessibility and we will offer an adequate use through bioclimatic pergolas so that they can have a better and wider space’.

The City Council is thus committed to improving production spaces by supplying and placing four bioclimatic pergolas with different designs and adjusted to the area to be installed, with adjustable slats that act as a roof and are responsible for regulating heat environmental. The objective is to prioritize the comfort of the environment and save on heating, electricity and air conditioning.

Tower of the Eagle Swamp to visit

On the other hand, and as the mayor has announced, the City Council will value the tourist resources of the recreational area of the Torre del Águila reservoir, and for this the recreational area will be conditioned with drinking water and electricity; a jetty will be installed for water sports, such as kayaking and fishing, among others; roads and access to the reservoir will be improved; Picnic areas and children’s games will be installed, once the Hydrographic Confederation has given space for this purpose.

In addition, the City Council is going to acquire a vehicle for the collection of urban solid waste for an amount of €110,000 and aspires to the programs of urban maintenance machinery and vehicle for street cleaning; cultural and sports reactivation in order to hire cultural activities and performances, as well as obtain cultural and sports equipment and have the social emergency aid program in order to minimize the negative impact that the health and social crisis situation is having in order to avoid social exclusion.

Regarding the program to eliminate technological imbalances, the City Council will invest in the fiber optic connection of municipal buildings; computer equipment for video conference room; surveillance system for spaces and buildings dependent on the City Council; capacity control systems and devices and interrupted power systems. In addition, it will implement a card so that the residents of El Palmar can have access at any time to the Civic Center, where the library, study and computer room are located.

For his part, the president of the Diputación, Fernando Rodríguez Villalobos, has stated that El Palmar de Troya, recently born as a town, ‘needs a special look and we are doing so, giving it all the help we can and with advice in many cases. But they have learned to be autonomous very soon and Plan Contigo is going to give them the possibility of expanding the provision of basic services as much as possible, which until recently were subject to the parent city council’.

With the Settlement of the 2020 Provincial Budget for Palmar, it will mean an increase of between €250,000 and €300,000 over what has already been awarded with the Contigo Plan for employment and investment policies, Villalobos has announced.

Previous Investment of the CONTIGO plan in Tourist Resources

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